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Overview Supervisor On-The-Go™ Mobile Application

  • Managers can monitor and take action while on-the-go
  • Live supervisor dashboard with real-time reporting
  • Meet SLA targets by monitoring and coaching agents
  • Quickly identify and take action on pressing issues
  • Compatible with iPad 2 and newer
  • Available on iTunes™

Supervisor On-The-Go™ is a mobile application for the iPad that untethers contact center managers from their desks so they can monitor and direct agents while on the go. Real-time reporting and controls allow monitoring of queue data and SLA adherence. Quickly take action, such as adding or removing agents from a queue, with a finger swipe. 

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  • Managers can monitor and take action while on-the-go

    Managers can stay involved in their contact centers’ operations even when away from their desks. Supervisor On-The-Go is a mobile application that delivers real-time reporting and controls, allowing supervisors to monitor both real-time queue data and SLA adherence and take action when they identify issues.

  • Live supervisor dashboard with real-time reporting

    Leveraging time-saving icons, swipes, gauges, and indicators that have become so familiar to iDevice users, Supervisor On-The-Go lets managers add or remove agents from a queue, record and monitor contacts on the fly, and more – all from their iPad.

  • Monitor activities and coach agents in order to more effectively meet SLA targets

    Supervisors can quickly identify issues with SLA adherence, analyze trending directions for each queue, and swipe an agent’s name to add, remove, activate, deactivate, or change the proficiency of the agent for a particular skill. Agents can also be monitored silently from the app without the agent being aware that they’re monitored. If an agent needs assistance, managers can immediately switch from simple monitoring to “Whisper Coach” and converse with the agent without the called party being aware that a supervisor is on the call.

  • Compatible with iPad 2 and newer

    The Supervisor-On-The-Go mobile application runs on iPad 2 and newer including the iPad Mini. The app can be downloaded from iTunes and poses no security concerns since user authentication is required to use it. Perfect for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or organizations that supply mobile devices to their supervisors.

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