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Overview Government & Education

  • Improve interaction experiences with citizens
  • Enable the public to communicate with you the way they want
  • Proactive, automated outbound communications
  • Real-time scalability and flexibility
  • Disaster recovery

How do you increase service levels to your constituents without the capital to do so? A true, multi-tenant cloud solution is the best way to meet public expectations without breaking the budget. Your constituents can contact you through the communication channel and on a timeline that makes sense for them – a critical element for Millennials as they will soon make up 75% of the workplace and tax base. Employing cloud contact center means you always have the latest technology, real-time scalability and flexibility, business continuity, disaster recovery and robust features once only afforded to private entities with unlimited capital. Contact us today if you are ready to explore what cloud contact center can do for your organization

"The system’s flexibility ensures that we stay in compliance with union rules and State of California regulations that impact staffing. We rely on it to create the ideal schedules that we give our staff. The entire shift bidding process is managed through the system, too."

Amy Latzer
Chief Operating Officer
211 LA County
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  • Meeting the Public's Needs

    It's not uncommon to have one group of constituents contact you exclusively by phone, while another won't pick up a phone unless they absolutely have to. Because the communication preferences are so varied and the technology exists to support those preferences, why not be prepared to handle it all?

  • Self-Service with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Allow constituents to gain access to services through intuitive self-service options. The inContact platform supports ultra-simple set up of IVR menus. Quickly adjust call scripts without having to involve IT or your vendor.

  • Attractive Billing Model

    By using a cloud contact center solution, you’ll eliminate the huge capital outlays of traditional premise systems, because you won’t need to purchase or maintain hardware. With the cloud, you’ll pay as you go and only for what you use. This shifts expenses from capital expenditures (CAPEX) to more predictable operating expenditures (OPEX).

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    The cloud makes it easier to manage call volumes by quickly scaling up or down to meet demand. Shift your staff from one assignment to another if needed to seamlessly handle spikes in call volumes. In the event of a disaster or outage, when call volumes spike, easily manage the flow by adding agents or modifying existing configurations.

  • Outbound Campaigns

    Through the inContact platform you can create outbound campaigns to get the information you need to the public. This approach can help reduce the number of incoming calls you might receive on a specific topic while increasing the overall experience for your constituents.

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