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workforce optimization

Workforce Management Software

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Produce the industry’s most accurate and actionable forecasts and schedules

NICE inContact CXone Workforce Management software helps you reduce labor waste and achieve your goals with patented technology producing the industry’s most efficient and actionable schedules. With patented forecasting algorithms, organizations will benefit from a variety of forecasting options to meet their business needs. Fully integrated with NICE inContact CXone administrative effort is streamlined and simplified.


Reduce headcount


Minimize administrative
effort and maintenance


Improve agent
engagement and schedule


Generate intraday
plans for call

Workforce Management Software Features


Improve workforce efficiency

Reduce labor waste, maximize agent scheduling efficiency, and improve forecast accuracy while maintaining or improving service level objectives.

  • Increase staffing efficiency
  • Maximize agent scheduling
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Match scheduling with skills and requirements

Empower your agents

Improve the agent experience by giving your agents a voice in their work schedule.

  • Enable agents to manage preferred hours
  • Include temporary adjustments
  • Offer scheduling and vacation bidding
  • Auto-approve requests

Gain confidence in your forecast

Understand the historical accuracy of your forecasts and gain confidence to take action on intraday adjustments and future schedules.

  • Improve accuracy with automatic tracking aids
  • Receive email notifications & alerts
  • Adapt quickly to unexpected changes

Simplify long term planning

Ensure adequate staff is available when needed and proactively plan for any conceivable volume-impacting events.

  • Accommodate unlimited events
  • Leverage "what if" scenario planning
  • Precisely align future staffing needs

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What is Workforce Management Software?

Workforce Management Software enables organizations to forecast volume and schedule the necessary resources to handle the forecasted volume. Modern Workforce Management solutions can forecast volume for all channels to include; voice, email, chat, SMS/text, and social media. An accurate forecast is key in ensure the right amount of resources are available with minimal idol time protecting operational efficiency. Workforce Management systems should also provide the ability to make intraday adjustments based on actual volume arrival and agent schedule adherence. Additionally, there should be a systemic component that aids in the management and scheduling of agent time off needs and shift swaps/adjustments.

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