Business Consulting for Contact Centers

Enhance Your Customer Experience and Optimize Your Business Processes

You already know that NICE inContact is on the cutting edge of contact center technology. But what truly sets us apart is the industry-leading expertise we pride ourselves on having. Our Business Consultants have a wealth of knowledge across a variety of mission critical areas of operation, and utilize that knowledge to optimize your business processes, improve your customer and agent experience, and increase your ROI so you can focus on what you do best – running and growing your business. Our seasoned experts can help you in a variety of areas, from our popular core solutions to custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Optimize your IVR and Enhance your Self-Service

What if you were able to clone your top performing agents and duplicate them throughout your contact center? Imagine the increased potential! We consider your IVR to be your “top agent” – it takes more calls than all other agents combined, never takes a break or a day off, and does exactly what you tell it to do every single time. If your top agent is not as streamlined and efficient as it can be, your customer experience will suffer, creating retention and satisfaction issues.

Our consultants will explore the depths of your business and will redesign your customer experience from the ground up, utilizing industry-leading best practices. Along the way, we will uncover and identify opportunities for internal process improvement. At the conclusion of this engagement, you will be presented with custom-designed call flows covering every possible interaction “from A to Z” that takes place in your IVR. In addition, you will receive a detailed comprehensive final report outlining our findings and associated recommendations to align your operation with industry-leading best practices.

Elevate your outbound customer interactions

Drive WFM Process Improvements

You’ve acquired a great tool to help you with staff planning and scheduling, but are you really gaining all the efficiency you could from automating your Workforce Management Solution? ROI and efficiency are the primary reasons many companies automated their WFM Solution, but often the WFM Solution never achieves the expected ROI. Some of the reasons this occurs can be due to:

  • Inexperienced WFM Team
  • Company culture
  • Perceived inequities
  • Fear of change
  • Outmoded processes

Let our WFM experts help you and your team to analyze your current processes, scheduling rules, and staffing models to maximize your WFM Solution. Our proven, four phased process will provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions on your processes and drive improvements in your contact center.

Custom Engagements that Fit Your Needs

While our core solutions tackle today’s most common business needs, our expertise reaches far beyond the scope of each – many companies need assistance with unique and specific changes as their business grows, and we’re here to help. From setting up a brand new contact center to transforming an aging center for new success, our knowledge and expertise will lead to a successful transformation. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so that we can tailor design a solution that meets your business requirements.

Business Consulting On Demand

Contact centers are unique in an endless number of ways. Constantly morphing and growing, businesses often struggle to ensure they are making the correct decisions and operating as efficiently as possible. In this ever-changing world, keeping pace with industry leading best practices to ensure a well-oiled and optimized machine is challenging. While often times a larger engagement is needed to grow to an enterprise operation, there are times when one simply needs to ensure a new direction, confirm a strategic vision, improve upon the tracking of KPIs, or verify that a proposed contact flow is on the cutting edge.

For times such as these, Business Consulting on Demand is here to help! Our goal is to assist your organization, on an as-needed basis, with a variety of contact-center related best practices, tips and tricks, and strategic discussions for improved value and efficiencies. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs. 

Get the most from your CXone Omnichannel Analytics deployment channels

NICE inContact CXone Omnichannel Analytics provides actionable insights from every customer interaction to guide high-impact initiatives for measurable improvement in customer experience and agent performance. Analyze all of your voice and text-based interactions within a single, integrated application that is fully unified with NICE inContact CXone. Analytic insights can improve every customers’ experience, increase the velocity and success of improvement initiatives, help supervisors coach more effectively, enable proactive compliance efforts, and turn quality programs into strategic assets. CXone Omnichannel Analytics provides quick returns and is easy to deploy and maintain.

What Our Customers Say

“The NICE inContact staff have enabled us to prepare for future growth and help us understand how our current capacity can be built upon down the road.”

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